Made with the highest quality materials


FUNTIME is proud to introduce its amazing new range of children's toys. We believe that play is an essential part of childhood. That's why we design our toys to be not only fun, but also educational and challenging for young minds.

Our new collection includes a wide range of toys for children aged 3 and over, for boys and girls, with more than 80 products to discover. Our collection includes toys for the bath, pool, beach including mini water guns in the shapes of sharks, snails, bees, unicorns, dinosaurs, crocodiles, pufferfish with goggles and diving sharks that are sure to please all the kids, especially during hot sunny days. Organize competitions between little friends and test your child's agility underwater with our hoops and diving rings! They can practice swimming while having fun!

Since soap bubbles are also a fun type of game that is enjoyed by children of all ages, FUNTIME offers various and colorful bubble game models: unicorn light-up bubble guns, dinosaur and unicorn automatic bubble machines that blow 1000 bubbles per minute and bubble sticks with shapes of sharks, unicorns, and dinosaurs. Easy to use, they are the perfect gift for various occasions: birthday parties, baby showers, camping, beach, bubble parties in the garden, etc.

We also have several creative toys that encourage kids to express themselves and use their imaginations including a LED light rocket game, Styrofoam darts in collectible dinosaur eggs, LED light party balloons, card games, as well as toys to increase concentration while reducing stress. We also offer creative smocks so kids can draw, paint, or sculpt anything they can dream up without getting dirty!

All our toys are made with the highest quality materials and are built to last. We believe in creating products that will stand the test of time and provide endless hours of fun for kids.